Attention Surfeit

I’ve never taken any attention to anything before. Things happened, things were there, but I never took any notice to them. Little things were never what appealed to my interest. How many times the tap will drip in an hour was never something I used to count, or even notice it dripped at all. I would never register whenever I turned on the TV and it emitted that low buzzing noise just before the sound came on. But then, I’d never played cards in my life.

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Joe’s Dictionary of Words that sounds like they should be onomatopoeia but are not - Entry 1:






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Introduction; First post.

I have not written in a long time. I used to years ago be able to pick up a pen and paper simply to scribble down whatever thoughts happened to need letting out at that moment. It always seemed to work for me therapeutically, and I was often happy with what I managed to jot down. Lately this hasn’t been the case.  I find that now when I sit down to write I do it with the thought and knowledge that someone will be reading it. I block myself mentally for reasons of self-doubt, thinking my letters and short stories won’t be acceptable. I think to myself “This will come out sounding too emo, or as if I’m simply trying really hard to seem intellectual or artistic.”

The fact of the matter is that my self confidence has gone by the wayside and I am struggling to regain it. I suppose this is where my page comes in. I will use this as a form of practice, a gage to begin allowing myself to show things such as true emotions and intentions as opposed to the ones I feel are appropriate or acceptable at a particular point in time. Some of the posts you might read in the future will be written by my present self, others will be pieces from my youth. I haven’t yet decided if I will distinguish one from the other. Whether these are enjoyed by whomever or not is of no significant importance to me as this is an exercise for my own personal self.  Some pieces will not be original works and (where possible) the actual author will receive proper credit.

To any and all of you, I say hello.